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Our prescription lense prices are very competitive compared to other optic stores!
Try me!
Basic lenses mean that if the prescription are +/-2 -ish, you wont't need the thinned ones.
Remember that thinned lenses are more lightweight that the basic.
However, if you wish to have only the best, we advise you to opt for the 1x or 2x thinned lenses.
If the prescription is more that +/- 4 -ish, we suggest you opt for the 2x thinned lenses.
If you have any further questions, please hit us up via e-mail, Messenger chat or give us a call!
Do you use your phone daily? Or your laptop, maybe a Tablet? Or do you perhaps watch television daily? (We know you watch Netflix by the least)

Bluestop is your new everyday-life-saver; it filters harmful blue light, which your eyes are affected by daily in the case you use any or every item mentioned above. The end result with lenses with Bluestop is the following: calm eyes and improved sleep quality – so, basically, a happy mind (and happier Mondays).

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